Customizing the appearance

You can customize the colours and fonts that v2html uses to display the various things in your design. To do this run v2html once and then edit the cascading style sheet (CSS) that it produces in the html directory. The file is called v2html.css . Don't worry about v2html overwriting your edited CSS because it won't (however, it will overwrite unchanged versions that were generated by previous versions of v2html).

The CSS defines how each class of things should look. Click here for a (reverse video) example of the changes you can make. Or Save this link to to get the CSS that produced these results.

More information than you could want about CSS is available at the W3C's CSS page.

If you want to have one central style sheet for all of your verilog designs you can use the -css option v2html to specify the CSS that it should use for the pages produced. This can be a relative path or a URL.

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