Downloading and Installing

Download v2html by saving one of these links:

You'll also need perl version 5.004 or later. Perl is available from many places - good places to look are and The Perl language page. You can find out what version of perl you are running by typing 'perl -v'.


Once you have uncompressed and untarred the files you just have copy the v2html script your preferred directory and make sure it it executable.

The v2html and v2html-cgi scripts assume perl is in /usr/bin/perl (as it is on RedHat Linux) - so if yours are somewhere else you'll have to edit the first line of each script so that it has the right path to perl (or put a link in from /usr/bin/perl to where your perl is).


I'm no expert on perl on Windows, but I have tested v2html out on Windows 98 with Active State Perl 5.6.0. After installing I ran v2html using a batch file containing:

   c:\perl\bin\perl.exe ../../v2html -f

I put all the v2html options into to avoid any problems with the dos command line processor.

I believe there is some way to get Active Perl to automatically run files with the .pl extension. Maybe someone could explain it to me.

See the running page for details on how to run v2html on your design.

The Licence

The first versions of v2html were written while I was working at HP Labs Bristol (as part of documenting a huge ASIC block I had just done!), and as HP owned everything I did they also owned v2html. HP let me to take v2html with me when I left provided that I released it under the terms of their license. Click here to see a copy, it allows you to do pretty much anything you want with v2html, provided you don't change the license, remove the copyright notices or try to sell it.

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