I added Verilog 2001 (IEEE 1364-2001) support to v2html in version 7.0, some new constructs are ignored at the moment, but most are handled.

Here are the files I have been using to check v2html, let me know if you think that anything in there is not correct verilog 2001 code.

Here is a list of all the new constructs and the level of support:

Construct Level of Support
Combined port and data type declarations Reg supported, others ignored
ANSI style input and output declarations Supported
Module parameter port lists Supported
Reg declaration initial assignments Supported
`ifndef, `undef and `elsif Supported
config ... endconfig All text between ignored
localparam Supported as parameter
generate ... endgenerate All text between ignored
genvar Supported
multidimensional arrays Ranges ignored1
signed Keyword ignored
Signed numbers (8'shFF) Ignored1
automatic Keyword ignored
Comma separated sensitivity lists Supported
@* Supported
Explicit named parameters Ignored1
Sized Parameters Ignored1
`file and `line Ignored
(* Attributes *) Supported
Array of instances Range ignored
1. These things are ignored because v2html doesn't do anything with this type of information (yet).

I plan to support config and generate when I have time.

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